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Holy War
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prophecy Coming to Past: Mass Protests and Uprising in Southern Ethiopia

The following story update is a Bible prophecy coming to past in the Middle East and North Africa. It was the outbreak of Egypt and unrest ensued into violence. Some reports from the streets say that Zionist Egyptian President refusal to step down and Israel concern of the uprising in the Egyptians streets directed towards her. Let's not forget the Muslims persecuting Coptic Christians and burning down their churches in the attempt for total control with the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood. Then the protests erupted in Libya with the full blown violence and massacre that caused thousands of Libyan citizens to flee for safety in Tripoli and the Libyan rebels stand to fight off the forces of Gaddafi's armies. Now it's Ethiopia. The old country is the ancient Cush of the Bible. Why is it important? In the Holy Bible's Old Testament the Book of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, that there will be an alliance of these countries in the end times to join together along with Russia and Iran against Israel. The end result of World War III.This prophecy tells of their fate. Christians and Jews are also being persecuted in Ethiopia as it had been foretold that the faithful in Jesus Christ would be martyred. Ethiopia is also going through a famine that will cause her to join with the others in the hopes of saving her from tyranny and treachery only to usher in the evil "Beast system" and their destruction. It will be now a matter of months until this alliance will come to fruition and begin a campaign against the small nation of Israel, the home of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the King and Almighty God of future New Jerusalem.

Story Updates (15-3-2011)
Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) interviewed about five people including Wereda(district) officials. The problem still lingers, but the Federal Police are trying to stabilize it. Some of the people have went to the forest while a good number of people are still in jail, but the uprising has reportedly subsided.
The Woreda officals and police are saying "excessive force wasn't used".
In a related development,ESAT today reported that over 40 people in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia have been arrested for allegedly distributing papers that '' called for peaceful mass protest''.
Number of killed peaceful protesters reaches 12 , 115 arrested
By Anko Zuta,Staffer of De Birhan Blogspot
In a similar manner and scale to the Northern African revolutionary protests , a mass protest and civil disobidence has swept the Southern Ethiopian towns of Gamu Gofa and its vicinities since Monday 7 March 2011.As a result of the skirmish,twelve unarmed civilians have been killed by security personnel.The towns are surrounded by police and Defense Forces.
Toady,March 9,2011 more than 110 people who have peacefully gathered to seek their democratic rights have been locked down in the most awful prison in Araba Minch City,reports coming form the Town reveal.

Public service has also stopped functioning.The cause of the protest is reported to be economic,ethnic and political repression,Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) had reported.
"I assume the message from our compatriots in Gamu Gofa is 'we are beginning to fight for our rights if you don't' ,as the rest of us have been covert so far"Gezmu Manahelot, a young political student in France tells this Blogger via Telephone.
According to Gezmu, the Ethiopian security apparatus may brutally react on civilians but with the perseverance of the people's movement, the Ethiopian mass will win at last.
Gamu-Gofa was a province in the southern part of Ethiopia, named after two of the ethnic groups living within its boundaries, the Gamo and the Goffa. This province is bordered on the west and north by Kaffa, on the north and east bySidamo, on the southeast by Lake Chew Bahir, and on the south by Kenya andLake Turkana.
Gamu-Gofa province came into existence as a result of Proclamation 1943/1, which created 12 taklai ghizats from the existing 42 provinces of varying sizes. With the adoption of thenew constitution in 1995, Gamu-Gofa was reorganized into the Semien Omo and Debub Omo Zones of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region of Ethiopia.

For more on the story: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-568073
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